Cleaning up water damage

Cleaning up water damage

Written by: MovinCool

Water damage comes in numerous forms, and so does water damage restoration. The recent heavy rains have caused excessive amounts of flood damage all over the country. On top of your usual leaky roofs and puddles springing up into the basement, there has been enough water to flood rivers, ponds, lakes, ditches, bayous, creeks, and even drier areas that normally don’t have to deal with these issues. Suddenly, many places have unintentionally become waterfront property.

In addition to simply being a pain to deal with, all the extra water causes short term and long term damage. Some of this is more obvious, like if foliage, landscaping, furniture, pets, construction equipment, or small children get swept away in a rush of frothing water. And of course, needing an overnight sub-pump installation or a new roof can be a headache as well as a drain on your wallet.


But many people often neglect the less obvious damage that isn’t an immediate problem but can be a serious issue further down the road. This problem is mold. Whether it’s the weather or a burst water main, an overfilled bathtub, or a cherry bomb in the toilet, large amounts of spilled water can result in mildew and eventually dangerous mold, even if it’s quickly cleaned up. In any indoor space, water can seep into the ground, wood, cloth, or furniture, and even if it’s drained or wiped away, the dampness that’s difficult to reach can become a breeding ground for spores.

One way to prevent this is with a portable air conditioning unit. Even if your home has central AC, a portable unit is much more practical for this type up situation, unless you plan on cranking up the air conditioning to hilarious levels, which could blow out your central AC, cause a power outage, and likely make your home unlivable for a while. Meanwhile, many portable AC modules have built-in dehumidification settings, and they allow for focused delivery of air currents that can dry up a room or even just a small spot without burning through electricity or changing the entire environment.

Spot cooler modules have many advantages that can keep you from over clocking your air conditioning. In addition to being adept for dehumidification, they also provide other useful benefits that make them worth having on hand.