Basic Tips for Chicago Home Improvement

Chicago has all types when it comes to winter:

  • The hermit home body who only comes out when the snow shows signs of melting
  • The winter spelunker, complete with arctic gear. The only thing this traveler is missing is a walking stick.
  • A breed of super human cyclists who seem to actually enjoy sliding around out on the ice.

That’s because Chicago is the city that works through snow, sleet and rain. It’s a city where nothing stops, nothing sleeps. Especially the winter, which is why your house needs some extra attention before the heavy snowfall hits.

Proper Heating

Did you know that turning your heating off during the day can actually hurt you in the long run? Frozen pipes bursting does more damage than a few dollars on your gas bill. Install and learn to use your programmable thermostat to keep the home at a reasonable temperature. Combine this heating source with a fireplace or a space heater to keep your home warm and your bills low.

Weather Stripping

Are your feet cold when you get out of bed in the morning? It’s not just something you have to live with, it could be the sign that your home has cracks letting in small drafts. Add a caulking gun to the list of items you need for your Chicago home improvement project to fix the problem. Look for the cracks in molding, or at the corners of a wall. Cabinets may also have openings into the wall that can let bugs into your space.

Gutter Maintenance

Get out a ladder, grab a hose and get ready to clean all the gunk out of your gutters with a high powered spray from your hose. Check all of the nails on your gutter to make sure that it is fastened tightly to the roof. Cracks in between your gutters can cause leaks, which are not great for the siding of your home. You should hire some qualified professionals to inspect your drainage. Professional installation helps cut down gutter repair in Chicago.

In the Home

A space heater will help keep your common rooms warm without taxing your gas bill, but an electric blanket is great for apartment dwellers. A nice pair of insulated socks will do wonders for lounging around in the winter, and be sure that you have enough layers on before you travel. Remember that a series of thin layers with a jacket will help keep your body heat closer to you, so thermals are a good idea when you’re relaxing after work.


This post was written on behalf of Chicago Remodeling Solutions. For basement remodeling in Chicago, see Chicago Remodeling Solutions online.