Allergic Reactions Could Stem From Your Favorite Couch

Allergic-Reactions-Could-Stem-From-Your-Favorite-CouchThe changing of the seasons isn’t the only reason why your allergies are flaring up. Your couch cushions may be the culprit.

Are Your Couches Really Clean?

Realistically, your couch is a home to dust, mold, dirt, and other gross items. If you don’t carefully look after it and clean it, there’s a chance that you and your family will get sick. Yes, that safe haven that you plop yourself into every day is indeed a cesspool for allergens.

Think about it, many homeowners let their pets hang out with them on the couch. Not only is that adding fuel to the fire, but any moisture that finds its way off your pet has the chance to seep through to the core of your seat backs or primary cushions and grow mold.

Ensure a Deep Clean

Honestly, how often do you take apart your entire couch to do a deep clean? The average homeowner does it maybe once every month, if that. It’s crucial that you routinely perform an in-depth cleaning to minimize the risk of any sickness occurring.

Take out your couch cushions and bring them to an outdoor area. When you’re fiddling with the cushions, dust and allergens will probably jettison towards you. Once you’ve removed the covers, take a look at your cushions. Are they still in working condition? Are there any signs of mold? Is it still providing enough support? If they’re in such irreversible shape, it’s probably better for you to purchase brand new ones. Seat foam isn’t necessarily expensive and is extremely easy to order and install. Why delay your investment when you could be protecting your loved ones?

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